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From The Author Of Girls On Fire Comes A Psychologically Riveting Novel Centered Around A Woman With No Memory, The Scientists Invested In Studying Her, And The Daughter Who Longs To Understand Who Is Wendy DoeThe Woman, Found On A Peter Pan Bus To Philadelphia, Has No Money, No ID, And No Memory Of Who She Is, Where She Was Going, Or What She Might Have Done She S Assigned A Name And Diagnosis By The State Dissociative Fugue, A Temporary Amnesia That Could Lift At Any Moment Or Never At All When Dr Benjamin Strauss Invites Her To Submit Herself For Experimental Observation At His Meadowlark Institute For Memory Research, She Feels Like She Has No Other Choice To Dr Strauss, Wendy Is A Female Body, Subject To His Investigation And Control To Strauss S Ambitious Student, Lizzie Epstein, She S An Object Of Fascination, A Mirror Of Lizzie S Own Desires, And An Invitation To Wonder Once A Woman Is Untethered From All Past And Present Obligations Of Womanhood, Who Is She Allowed To Become To Alice, The Daughter She Left Behind, Wendy Doe Is An Absence So Present It Threatens To Tear Alice S World Apart Through Their Attempts To Untangle The Mystery Of Wendy S Identity As Well As Wendy S Own Struggle To Construct A New Self Wasserman Has Crafted A Jaw Dropping, Multi Voiced Journey Of Discovery, Reckoning, And Reclamation Searing, Propulsive, And Compassionate, Mother Daughter Widow Wife Is An Ambitious Exploration Of Selfhood From An Expert And Enthralling Storyteller Mother Daughter Widow Wife

About the Author: Robin Wasserman

Robin Wasserman is the author of the novels MOTHER DAUGHTER WIDOW WIFE June 2020 and GIRLS ON FIRE Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Tin House, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and several short story anthologies A recent MacDowell Colony fellow, she is also the New York Times bestselling author of than ten novels for young adults and teaches in the low residency MFA program

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    Review to followFor starters I felt the title was powerful than the book I was bored often.Then I d get interested invested.Then bored again..Had positives and negatives for me More later I m back I don t think I fully understand this bookI knew that a woman had disappeared presumably committed suicideI understood that Lizzie a scientist was hired by the Senior scientist, D

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestMOTHER DAUGHTER WIDOW WIFE is an interesting book that gets interesting as you read because it goes in several directions that you probably won t expect The format is a bit tricky, because it s told in multiple timelines with multiple POVs It took me a shamefully long time to figure that out going in so I ll detail a little about what s goin

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    Is this smoke coming out of my frying brain cells Sure, it is I need an urgent transplant because my brain is not functioning properly It worked too much to understand this book and I hear the alarm bells and whooshing sound in my ears Yes, it was too much to handle This book terribly exhausted me and at some parts I failed to understand what the author meant Maybe I m not smart en

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    3.5 stars If you were a fan of Wasserman s last book, GIRLS ON FIRE, I want to make sure you know right away that this is a much slower book I could tell it would wrestle with some tough stuff, but given the juicy hook and her previous book I wasn t expecting the slow pace and I think I would ve had a better experience if I d known that.The hook of this book is a woman in a fugue stat

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    A woman, Wendy Doe, is found on a bus, penniless and disoriented, suffering from amnesia She s taken to a psychological institute to be examined and studied The doctor who treats her is Benjamin Strauss His research assistant, Lizzie, also studies Wendy for her research project we hear from her while she s working with Wendy, and we hear from her 20 years later We also hear from Alice, W

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    What if a talented literary writer wrote a Soap aka Soap Opera with many of the attending tropes and themes Well, I think that is what Robin Wasserman has done successfully with her new novel, Mother Daughter Widow Wife We have the Soap staples an amnesiac, adultery, sex, obsession, complicated relationships, mystery, danger, and maybe not an evil twin but close Don t let any of that put yo

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    There s so much I could say about this book Wasserman s Mother Daughter Widow Wife is a masterful, lyrical meditation on memory, bodies, identity of the ways we interact with our past and future selves, how we spend a lifetime in a body that is only brought truly alive by memory Elizabeth, a bright graduate student, accepts an exceptional opportunity to study alongside a famous scientist whose

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    via my blog This body is not a temple, but it has been loved You d think someone would be looking for it In Mother Daughter Widow Wife, Elizabeth Lizzie Epstein leaves her studies on rats behind after a bit of screw up and hatches a plan to work beneath cognitive psychology s latest golden god in order to relaunch her research under the reputation, resource and genius of Benjamin Strauss of Medow

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    I was really drawn in at the beginning What a fascinating story The middle dragged with a lot of science jargon I m a scientist and even I was bored and some boring stories The story started to take flight again with about 75 pages to go But overall, I would not recommend.

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    Review to follow but you can probably tell how I felt about it since I finished it in one sitting

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